Actual Duration of the Interview

I want to get the actual time taken for each interview, for example if a particular interview has started at 10:00 am in the morning and ended at around 10:45 am "I want the duration of that first attempted interview that is interview end time is 10:45 am".

But right now ODK is giving the submission timestamp as interview end time, please help me on this.

As we all know interviewers collect data from remote places where they do not have access to internet and collect the data offline and submit the data when they reach the internet accessible place and submit the data. So taking submission timestamp as interview end time doesnt serve the purpose, please help me on this

Hi @Kiran
Have you heard about Logging enumerator behavior? That should allow you to collect more metadata not only more accurate timestamps but also locations etc.


Thank you @Grzesiek2010 for ur time and reply. I have gone through this but I just need the duration when the interview(interview start time and end time) started and the timestamp should get freezed when the interviewer records the last question in ODK whether offline or online.

Welcome! Let's see if we can find an answer.

Have you tried using start and end types in your form? start is supposed to be the timestamp of when the blank form is created, and end is supposed to be when "save finalized form" is clicked.


Once you get the data, you should be able to use your favorite software to compute: end - start. You probably need to add code to convert the string timestamp to a date / time object.

The submission timestamp is added by ODK Aggregate / ODK Central and is outside of the form definition.

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