Add an open-ended "other" choice to a list of options


This is a sample question that was generated using Google form. For option "Other", the write text tool is enabled. I wonder if anyone here can help me design this in the xlsform? Many thanks.


See this section

Thanks Arif. I edited the xlsform and the survey form works just fine.

However, when i tried to submit the completed survey form I got an error message "_ is an invalid column name in your form. Google sheets only allow alphanumeric characters and hyphens in column names". How can I fix this? Thanks.

Use this xls. You can manage it using relevancy.test.xlsx (8.5 KB)

I tried it but the problem still persist.

Hi Lukmann,
Did you solve this problem? If you still need help, could you upload your xlsform or take a screenshot of the issue in the xlsform?


Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has made progress with this issue. I've recently received the same error message and I am not sure what is causing the issue as a previous iteration of my form sent without a problem.

Here (8.9 KB) is my xml form for reference.

Thank you!

Your options are:

  1. Don't use XLSForm's or_other construct. It automatically generates a blah_other column name which Google submissions don't allow because it has an underscore.
  2. Manually edit the XML to replace _other with -other.

I've filed an issue at so we can warn people.

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Awesome! Thank you so much. Option 2 worked great for me.