Add custom logo ODK

Hi All,
I am new in ODK. so anyone can tell me. How to add my organisation custom logo on ODK app/Form?
Thank you.

Hi @Manoj_Lokare
so it depends if you want to have your own logo instead of image

you need to prepare your own app (fork our repository, add you own icon and use that app not the original one).

but you can also display media files (images in this case) with every single question so it's another option where you can add your icon (more info here

Thank you @Grzesiek2010

I will see and try suggested link.
thank you very much.

Hi ,
with reference of link
It would work if they images for questions.I searched the ODK forum for the logo.

You have only those two options. I noticed that you have another (more complex) problem you rose here How to customise ODK

in both cases a good solution would be to have your own fork.