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ENQUETE_CHANGEMENT_CLIMATIQUE.xlsx (14.8 KB) Bsr Mr / Mn. I come by this note to seek a solution to my problem on exporting files from briefcase to excel. I manage to export but the data is not arranged according to the columns (see excel file). Can someone explain to me if briefcase malfunctions and what to do. Thank you in advance. It should be noted that I must make an investigation. And in the planning I did a test with briefcase of which you have the results below. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @yao_kan,

did you get a csv file first ? It seems like the separator was not well defined while opening it.
Is that file what you expect ?
enquete.xls (54 KB)

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Le fichier que vous j'ai mis en ligne était d'abord en csv. je l'ai modifié en fichier excel pour que les internautes puisse entré facilement en possession.
The file you uploaded was first in csv. I modified it in an excel file so that the Net surfers can easily come into possession .Here is the csv file below.
I would like to know how you proceeded to classify the variables in columns. Thank you for your good availability

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ENQUETE_CHANGEMENT_CLIMATIQUE-nom_et_aspect_physique_des_produits_pesticides.csv (1.2 KB)

excuse me for the French to English translation by google

Thanks because I was able to separate the variables in the columns. I should select the first column the data is in in excel and then go to "data" to set the separator. Thank you