Add numeric value in questions and calculate final score

Hi guys! I'm working in a new kind of form. The questions of my form have four answer and each answer has a different number value. For example (sure= 0 point) (almost sure= 1 point) (not sure= 2 point) (never= 3 points). And in the end of the form I would like to calculate the final score because depend of the score the final answer is different. For example if final score is between 30-40 points the person is not sure about something.

I would like to ask you how I can do it.
Thank you so much!

I think if you put those questions in a repeat, the calculation might be easier.

Yes, but I don't know how to do that. I'm very begginer sorry. Could you send a screenshoot to see how works or try to explain a bit.

My apologize, and thank you so much!.

I do think in your case you have to do summation ( of the answers first and then put a if function ( to evaluate the person knowledge.

Thank you so much! The problem is solve it