Addin Other to filtered choices:

Hi Guys:
I want to add filtered choices to my select_one questions but I also want to add "other" to be appeared in all of them is there any Idea instead of repeating in in each group:
I want other to be viewed in each group like if the enumerator select C1007 in i want to show : "YAA" "MY" "BQ" "IBH" and "Other"
list_name name label choicefilter

Hi @Moteb_Marei

In choicefilter column (under C6118 in your example) you can put other as a value. Then in choice_filter column, your expression could be: choicefilter = C1007 or choicefilter = other

probably you don't use C1007 but an answer from a previous question so it could be something like:
choicefilter = ${related_question} or choicefilter = other

Let me know if it works.

Yes it works thanks a lot :slight_smile: