Adding choices to a question after data entry has started

Hi all,

I am still developing forms for my study but just a thought :

Q1 has 10 choices from a dropdown to choose from, with the last choice being "Other". Data entry starts and I need to add some more choices to this question, so there are now 15 options but the last of these is still "Other", however its placement in the choices has now moved from option 10, to option 15.

Would this cause issues? I ask because in other databases I have used, we would make "Other" option 99 so that we can safely add more options once data collection has begun (if required), as its placed would stay at 99.

Thanks in advance!


It's what you put in the name or value column of the choice that is saved to the database, not the label shown to the user or the ordering of the choices.

For that reason, adding more choices or changing the ordering has no impact on the underlying name/value that is saved to the database.

The thing you have to be careful of is not re-using a name or value in a new version of the form because then your analysis won't be sound.


Hi Yaw,

That's great , thanks! If we decide we want to take a question/choice out once we have already started data collection, is there a way to hide this question from all users without deleting it?



You can keep but hide a question by putting false under the relevant column.

You can keep and remove from view/selection choices by adding a column to the choice list (eg column hide and put yes against the ones you don't want to appear) and then applying a choice filter (eg hide!='yes') to hide them, or just remove the choices from the list entirely as these can be added/removed easily.