Adding images

Hi All, Complete noob here, so I firstly had a look at some of the other posts on here, found some relevant ones but didn't really answer my question (unless the answer was you cant and use XLSform instead)

So I am using ODK build to create a form/questionnaire for use in the healthcare environment.

I have aggregate setup and connected it to the google app engine for store, I can get the form using ODK collect on my android, fill it out and send it back to aggregate and then google spreadsheets. That much is working and is all good.

My issue is, can i add images to the questions from within ODK Build? i see an option to add a photo or image but doesn't work for adding pictures to the question? (if that makes sense?)

If not is there a step by step guide on how to use XLS forms... i have no experience with this but am willing to give it a go.

ODK Build is easier for some users but doesn't provide all options. looks as if adding images to choices is not possible. I recommend using XLS which is not difficult as well. Here you can find a form which contains all widgets we support and the form contains a widget you need:

thank you for getting back, apologies if i sound ignorant but is there a step by step guide on how to use XLS instead of ODK build?

Like i said im a complete beginner and need some help in figuring out how to put the form i have created in ODK build into XLS so i can add pictures to it

Onec you have your xls form (like that one I attached) you just need to convert it into xml using

When it comes to your question about a tutorial you can google it and you should find something, but I don't think you need it you can use the form I attached which contains everything you need as a beginner.

For more information on using XLSForm to create your form, you can look at: