Adding linebreaks and bold text in instance_name in form settings

In the settings sheet in XLSForm, I specify the form's instance name by using the concat function and combining several ${field_name} variables. I want to make the instance name more readable so I want to add bold text and line breaks.

Is this possible?

SO this is what i tried:
concat('**', ${field1}, '**<br>', ${field2})

i wanted bold text so I enclosed with markdown ** for bold
i wanted linebreak to separate one line from the rest so i added <br>

This is what i get
**Field 1 value**<br>Field2 value

This is what I was hoping to get
field 1 value
field2 value

The formatting marks are not interpreted and are included in the text of the output of the concat() function.

Hi @RaffyM

We support styling elements only in forms (questions, answers etc.) but not instance names displayed on the list of saved forms. That means what you want to achieve is impossible.

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I can see why @RaffyM would want this feature, but it's not currently possible. Formatting of instance_name and form_title may eventually get added, but until then, we should warn about this in the form design process. I've filed an issue at to do that.