Adding media column results in blank screen

Hello, surprisingly today by using adding media column in my xls file, I get this kind of screen in ODK collect.

When I retrieve the media column it appear perfectly in ODK collect.

What's my problem, I'm very confused. I used media column in another xls, but it work well.

Hi @abdoul

Which version of the ODK Collect do you use? It would be great if you can attach your form too.


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I'm using the 1.10.2 , the form is here FormADULT-FormV1.xlsx (48.9 KB)

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Ok thanks I'll look at it in the evening or tomorrow morning.

use this last form FormADULT-FormV1.xlsx (47.5 KB)

there was error in the first one. Sorry

Hi @abdoul,
your problem is due to the fact that you have not defined a default language. When you added the "media::image" you use the same code, as you do to define languages. As your "media::image" does not have any data, all is empty. if you change the language and choose French, all your questions are there again.

To stop this from happening, add a column of "default_language" in the "settings sheet", and write French. 1acc56790681558fb9f14be84b3f31457a2479c2.xlsx (47.8 KB)
I have done it for your file.

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Hello how are you @arqaam, great that make it.
Thank you, Thank you @Grzesiek2010 too.

We should warn about this in pyxform, so I've filed an issue at

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Thanks for posting the form @abdoul ! helps me understand the bug.

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