Adding multiple language label in select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file

Hello, I am trying to create a form with select_one_from_file type questions with multiple language labels. But I found in some forums that select_one_from_file or select_multiple_from_file doesnot allow this feature. Are there any workaround for it?

Welcome @ruru88,
One workaround could be to combine the different languages in one label for each choice in the external file, e.g. "female / féminin / weiblich" (English / French / German).


Ciao @ruru88,

in addition to @wroos suggestion, and, depending on your flow, you might still be able to get the language labels from .csv to display using the select_one [list_name] and the search(‘file_name.csv’) appearance.

in the choices you would list list_name, name, label::language1 and label::language2 as you would normally do, though, the values in name and label::language would represent desired columns from your .csv

You could also expand the search() function with filters like search(‘file_name.csv’, ‘matches’, ‘filter_column_from_csv’,${field_name_from_form})

@LN, the multi-language feature support by select_one_from_file would be a great addition.

Best regards,
Jules R