Adding relevance to select_one

I have a group in my ODK form that does select_ one yes_no on 3 questions perfectly. i want to the 4th option to be within out the yes_no, just select and move to the next page.

Hi @Senyo_Aborgah,
Do you mean an acknowledgement? What should be selected in the 4th question?

selected in the 4th question

If you want the option "Select" then you need to create a new list and give that as the only answer option. I am not sure this is what you mean?

just a name
select_one yes_no mh_cover Is there a manhole cover?
select_one yes_no urgent Is this urgent?
select_one yes_no obstructed Is there anything in the manhole?
illegal connection

this how it looks like, the first 3 are select questions and 4th one just an option to chose

Hi @Senyo_Aborgah,
can you upload your file to have a look so we can understand, what you need. You can delete data that is not needed for privacy reasons if needed.

ductv3.xlsx (15.5 KB)

Hi @Senyo_Aborgah,
so I am looking at it and the question "illegal_connection" comes before the three question you mention in your survey. What exactly do you need it to be now? The three options you mention are placed on one page, as a table, with yes and no. You cannot add to this table, if the question you want is not a yes_no one.

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am a little confused now, maybe am not explaining myself well. all i want is to have the illegal connection on the same screen as the 3 observation types which are Blocked, Not Blocked and Pipe leak

these should be under Sewer observation type

Hi @Senyo_Aborgah,

Are you looking for something like this? (Important: This is an edited image. Not a screenshot from the app)

I tried using a field-list to achieve something like that, but got this error; maybe someone has a workaround for it or it is not possible at all.


No please, the illegal connection is on the next page after selecting sewer

under Sewer, i have these sewer observation types, the first 3 from the have questions with yes or no like the step two.
all i want is the 4th option "illegal connection" to skip it to step 3

Hello @Senyo_Aborgah pleas be more clear.

Thanks but @arqaam helped me fixed it with is code not(selected(${sewer}, 'illegal_connection'))

Ok, you're most welcome. mark it as fixed.