Aggregate CSV export has missing and corrupt values

I have similar issues from my side that I need your support.

In my case, when I export the data into .CSV from the aggregate server,

  1. some data from the collect got missing. It appears to be missing from the first part of the questionnaire to the middle part or missing from the middle part to the later part of the questionnaire. A screenshot is shared and the specific issue is highlighted in yellow.

  2. some of the data are in French, whenever this is exported, the original responses entered in french (in words) changes to some shapes and words that cannot be translated. Find attached a screenshot on this in the highlighted area in yellow.

Your input will be very much appreciated as well as others.

Thanks for your concern and response.

Your screenshot isn't loading, but my guess is that you are trying to open the CSV which has Unicode characters (e.g, French accents) through Excel with a double-click? That won't work.

If you are using Excel, it's terrible at UTF-8. Use these instructions or try LibreOffice.

We've documented this at

Thank you. The idea was perfect. it worked well for me