Aggregate install on Ubuntu 16

odk aggregate full install Ubuntu 16.4 text document and connect postgres ,, help me bro

@1123 What have you tried so far from the instructions at

I am many many trying ... but faild . not show in ODK Dash board ... pls full complete installation and text document i wants help me ..... pls pls pls .. Truely i am trying ... pls help me ODK 2.0.3 version ...

Until you can provide the specifics of what you have tried and how it has failed, it's going to be hard for the community to help.

First time :

1 step : installing java
2. step : install tomcat

3 step : install in ODK 2.0.0 beta file type .run

  1. step : postgres install

dash board show Tomcat8 .. its ok

then copy to aggregate installation document and paste /var/lib/tomcat8/webpps

but show only /ROOT path ..

Seceond Time

Finally i am downloading ODK.ova

  1. Just only assign ip address

  2. check into ping ipaddress

  3. aggregate-config --fqdn --http-port 8080 --https-port 8443 --net-mode bridge

  4. this linux name debian ...

That is Run .. completely

My question , Whats this (aggregate-config --fqdn )?

I want detail information aggregate-config ?

I want manually installation ... Pls its important ..but I think it's easy . But i am failed ........

Finally ,

I want ODK full installation videos and text document .. NOt Fuzzy document ... I have no any video into Youtube ...

pls help me ...