Aggregate on Google App Engine + Google Data Studio


I have set up ODK Aggregate on Google App Engine and I am currently working on visualizing the data that I have collected. My plan is to use the Google Data Studio for this purpose. Right now, I publish the data to Google Spreadsheets and then connect them to Google Data Studio. However, I was wondering if there was a better way to do it. For instance, would it be possible to connect to ODK Aggregate from Google Data Studio using any of the provided connectors?
I am not sure if the publishing to Spreadsheets causes this error but when I try to connect to some of the forms from Google Data Studio I get the following error: "No fields were found for this configuration". I assume this might be because Google Data Studio does not support some type of fields but I am not sure. This is the reason I want to establish a connection with the Aggregate using a different method.

Thank you all in advance!


I don't think ODK provides any connector for Google Data Studio. I would suggest, apply filter to your data-set before publishing to Google sheets and then try to visualize them on G Data Studio, perhaps some fields are not supported and in case if you have any repeat groups.