Hi, all.
Can someone tell me in details, please, a server (windows server and linux server) requirements to be able to host ODK Aggregate server?
In advance, thanks.

Hi @Amal_Dahounto

Please check the wiki

If there are gaps in the documentation, please create an issue on the docs repo

1 Like is also a good resource.

Truth of the matter is that it really depends on how much data you plan to collect, where your DB will live, how many enumerators, etc. I've had luck with Ubuntu boxes with 48 GB of SSD and 4 GB of RAM as the minimum. More RAM is always a good idea.

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Ok, thanks to you two.
Please; in adding to Tomcat and MySql (or Postgres), what else must be installed on it?

For a local install, and have the information you seek.

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