Aggregatev2_at_DO Problem_Enabling_HTTPS

At the last step of that installation, after running the following command
"sudo certbot run --nginx --non-interactive --agree-tos -m myemail --redirect -d mydomain"
in the console, I get these results:

then, I could not log into Aggregate via https://mydomain
bu, it is possible via http://mydomain
In advance, thanks for your help.

At, under step 8, you had to choose a hostname. Did you put If you did not, then the config would fail in the way you've reported.

If you did put the proper hostname, then run the command command to upload the output to the public website and share the link you get

cat /var/log/cloud-init-output.log | nc 9999.

Hi, @yanokwa.
Not being sure of what I've put as hostname in this field, I've spun up a new server and, when enabling https, I got the following results:

But, despite this, I still not being able to access my Aggregate web site through
When I paste the command to send output to, my console converts | into <; I try to replace it by ALTGR+6, but this also gives < (how else do I try to solve this? in add, within my droplet's console, it is impossible to select a text in order to copy it)
Thanks works great for me right now...

Ok, thanks
it is working fine for me too now.