Aggregating data

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
Am new to ODK,previously we have been using papers to collect data then later enter it in excel and aggregate it.
We now want to use ODK for data collection,Am done with building forms with ODK build and the aggregate server was set also.
The problem is if i export the data it gives me a CSV file and when i try running the files in our old aggregate we used in excel manually, it does not show results.

1.I need assistance on how to aggregate data please.
2.After exporting the data from odk aggregate what is the next step ?

Am attaching a screenshot of the aggregator we were using but when i run the csv file in it from odk aggregate it doesn't work

Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach here


Hi, @ian!

First, I suggest you use ODK Briefcase to export data into CSV files first. That way, you will be sure you're exporting all the data stored in Aggregate (Aggregate's export capabilities are limited).

Second, if I understand correctly, you're using an Excel spreadhseet to aggregate data. I guess the spreadsheet will be able to show you data as long as it is compatible with the CSV files you feed it. In that sense, you need to make sure that the CSV file you get with Briefcase has the same columns as the one you used before. If they're not the same, you will probably need to make adjustments to your Excel spreadsheet.


The columns in the excel sheet are not as the same as the CSV file from briefcase. may be it is the problem.

Is there something else i can use to aggregate data other than the excel spreadsheet?

Hello ian, How do you export your data?

i export using odk briefcase

when i export the csv file from odk aggregate , the looped questions come separated from the main form, what could be the problem. Is that how it is supposed to be or there is something i did not do well during building?looped

In the attachment, RTV data collection 2018 is my data collection form name and those other four CSV files are part of the questionnaire in the form but when i export they come while separated as seen above.
Those questions in build i selected the loop option in their group.

Any help please?

Hello, did you solve the first problem? Yes looped questions are separated, but if you look carefully, there is a key value for each file for the match.

I didnot solve the first one.any help please?

Ok, what do yean mean by saying this in bold.

... and when i try running the files in our old aggregate we used in excel ...

Could open the exported file in Excel?

i can now open the aggregated CSV file in excel.
Then how can i analyse my data?

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Hello, cool. Once you've your data in Excel sheet it's ready for preparation and analysis. I'm I'd like to help you but this forum is only about data tools collection and related. You need some knowledge in statistics technic and your domain to analyze your data.

so how can we get in touch you help me out? SHould i inbox you?

One of the big benefits of this forum is that the public conversations help the next person who has a similar problem. If you can, please use this public thread so everyone can see the questions, everyone can have a chance to answer, and the answer will be seen by everyone.

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Thank you. Can you please advise on data analysis?

What specific questions do you want to ask of your data?

i want the analysis of the entire data captured

What kind of analysis do you want to perform?

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