Aggregation Rules using Family Tags


I had this idea that I wanted to field out to the developer world out here.

Just like we have a list of ranges and parameters in XLS that we fill out - where we mention the attributes like appearance, constraint etc, can we add another tag called - Family.

This will basically have a list of questions tagged as a family, maybe family 1, family 2 ...

The idea is that in case we have questions like say medical issues someone faces

From a selected response, we should be able to take 2-3 different pieces of information back with us.


Long Sightedness can have family like - Eyes, Specs, Manageable
Runny Eyes can have a choice of families like - Eyes, Allergy, Avoidable

By the end of the data collection, each piece will allow us to get closer to more than one potential action to be taken, as pre hypothesized by us.

I am attaching an example. What do you think?

family example.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Any thoughts anyone?

I'm trying to understand your case but I can't... could you describe it with more samples for example?
What is the difference between your case and select_multiple question?