Allow cropping image from camera or gallery

What is the general goal of the feature?
Sometimes when we are using ODK Collect to capture pictures or pick them from gallery, we may feel uncomfortable because the image cannot be resized by ourselves. ODK Collect just simply puts the raw image into the form and has no options for us to crop that. Users may have to take a lot of pics until getting a satisfied one.


  • Build a image crop view that allows image cropping.
  • Add them to all operations related to image picking (gallery, image shooting and selfie).

I have already built a demo and implemented the basic feature like this:

Questions need discussions

  • Do you think adding this feature is necessary, why?
  • Should we set this a default action after picking a picture? or just add an alternative option for users? (like adding a button in the top bar).

I need your suggestions, thank you! :wink: