Alternate "Getting Started" using Google Drive rather than Aggregate in ODK1 Docs?

Having recently recommended ODK1 to a non-techie friend for a small scale usecase (using Google rather than Aggregate), they noted than whereas the tools are easy enough, there is no easily accessible documentation on using Collect with Google on the ODK website.

Would it be worthwhile adding an alternate getting started section, along the lines of:

  • Install and configure Collect
  • Download a form template spreadsheet
  • Create a form with the template and convert it with XLSForm online
  • Upload a form to Google Drive
  • Load a form into Collect from Google Drive
  • Fill out a form and upload it to Google Sheets


ODK has a comprehensive documentation for both 1 and 2, which can be found on ODK 1 and ODK 2 documentation. These documents cover everything one requires to start with.


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Sure sure - I am only talking about the getting started page. There is no indication that you can use anything other than Aggregate server. I know that the details of using Google drive are buried under the Install ODK Collect section - but a newbie wouldn't know this or know that there are alternatives ...



This isn't about the documentation per-se (generally very good) this is about interacting with the website for people new to ODK.

Hope this explains the suggestion a little better.