Altitude in geopoint

Hi! Is it possible to use the altitude from a geopoint within a form, in a calculation for another question? Let's say for example, we will first take a geopoint, then there is a calculation that needs the altitude (example: altitude + 500). Would this be possible? And how?

Or in the very least, is there a way to "show" the altitude that was measured in the geopoint?

Thank you very much!!


use selected-at to extract the altitude from a geopoint (in the form lat long altitude accuracy)

selected at :
convert string:

it would be selected-at(${geopoint}, 2), probably need to convert to a number as well, so adding a fixed value would require a calculate like 500 + number(selected-at(${geopoint}, 2)

extracting values from a geopoint is covered here also


Thank you so much @ahblake !

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