Americares seeks M&E Manager

Position description

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager is located within Technical Unit of Global Programs and serves primarily as a specialist to promote the integration of the Americares’ monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting mandates as per operational plans and institutional strategy. S/He/They reports to the Senior M&E Director. In addition to M&E responsibilities, S/He/They will support program teams on quality program development. In terms of monitoring and evaluation, S/He/They will ensure that Americares global program implements proposed monitoring and evaluation commitments, suitable M&E systems are in place, implemented as intended, and reporting in a comprehensive and timely manner to facilitate program managers delivery of programs that achieve the desired outcomes and impacts. As we grow the current M&E team into Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (DMEL), S/He/They will support the development of an internal process to ensure project designs meet Americares internal standards, and strategically link M&E findings to continuous learning and adaptive decision-making. The role will also play an important part in leading knowledge management efforts across program teams and projects and also support thought leadership efforts including peer reviewed publication development and submission as necessary. Additionally, s/he/they will support program teams to develop quality proposals with clear plans on monitoring as well as evaluations. S/He/They plays an important quality assurance role, supporting the Senior M&E Director in developing and implementing policies, procedures, and guidelines related to performance management.

Connection to ODK

Desirable Skills/Experience

  • Experience with CommCare, Open Data Kit (ODK) and/or DHIS2;

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