An error when uploading data

Hi all,

I am getting this error while uploading the data. The screenshot of the error is attached. I have tried to extract it manually using the sqlitebrowser but it is not helping.
Please help me out.


Can you please confirm that you are using the newly-released ODK Collect v2022.3.0? What server are you sending to?

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@Kur_Peter as well as sharing the server and Collect vesion you're using as @LN suggests, are you also able to share the form you're seeing the error for?

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My new hypothesis is that this is Collect < v2022.3.0 with submissions that have complex emoji in them that are being sent to Kobo/Ona. If that sounds right, the fix for future submissions would be to upgrade to v2022.3.0. I think the submissions that have already failed might need to be pulled off the device and sent manually.