Android Application with ODK

Hello, I'm new in this so please be patient!

I want to create an Android application that has integrated the Open Data Kit, so that it can collect georeferenced data in the field. I've seen a lot about it, but I don't know where to start, I'm a bit confused. Any help please? Also, I don't want to clone ODK collect..

Hi @ca77

what do you mean by:

Open Data Kit is a set of tools so which of them you want to use? You said:

So you want to create your own app to collect data or maybe just a small separate app which uses ODK Collect?

Well, they asked me to do an Android app that collects georeferenced data (I will use QIS for this) on the field.
I want to do the app by my own because I want to learn how to create an Android App.
The thing is, can I create my own app AND use ODK collect? If yes, how can I start?

Please see for documentation on how to launch Collect from an external application. You may also be interested in @Grzesiek2010's sample app:

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