Animated emoticons as choice options

I'm new to the community and thanks for the nice forum with lots of advices!

I'll soon be running an epidemiological study with adolescent in DRC on sexual education using ODK. Participants will be explained the use of the android tablet, and they will have to complete the questionnaire themselves.

I've added pre-recorded audio files questions, and in addition I’m now exploring the possibility to add animated emoticons, as choices options, that young people would press on to reply.

Choices are always the same, as Yes, No, Refuse to answer, Do not know and for each one I tried to use Skype emoticons, however I would also like them to move, just as it happens on Skype. But I have not succeeded so far, and I wonder if it is possible or if you can suggest a better idea.

Thank you!


Hi Francesco,

i think this may help you

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That's a cool idea! What is the file type of your images? The most likely is that they are animated GIFs. As far as I know, those are not natively supported by Android and won't currently work in Collect. Have you successfully included them in the form but they're not animated or are they not working at all?

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in fact i didn't use it before,

but in the link :

last two lines :

"If you need to include multiple images on a page, there are two options. You can create a field-list to group multiple prompts together on a single page, or you can use image editing software to combine all your images into a single image."

is it mean that we can use gif images ?

i think if i am not wrong we can use images "GIF" in the questions not in the options.

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I think the above means that you can create something like the below instead of having 4 separate images. And not meaning that you can used a GIF (which is technically multiple images, but more like frames of a video and not pages of an album).


Hi danbjoseph,

thank you so much,

now i know what is the meaning of "using software to combine images"

like Photoshop software when gathering images to one image.

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Dear Nader and danbjoseph,

I'm late in my reply but I'd like to thank you for your help. It seems difficult to realize and I'm still struggling with. I wonder whether this could obtained by directly acting on the xml file.

I will let you know if I succeed!

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Dear Hélène, these are animated GIFs images, but they do not work. As you also confirm, they seem not to be supported. I've included them, but aren't animated. I'm still struggling to find a way.

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This would require a code change in Collect. We can change this thread to a Features topic and see if someone can contribute it. As long as it can be done without an external library (I believe so), it will be an easy change to integrate.

Hi @Gianfrancesco_Ferra1 and @LN

in fact @danbjoseph is right this Feature not support yet.

so i am sorry, i was wrong with my misunderstand for gathering images together.

thank you @LN this will great to have animation in the form.

Best Regards