[ann] Group Complete Technology Preview (ODK & CouchDB)

Hi all,

Group Complete, a collaborative & real-time mobile data collection
solution and the Group Inform app for Android, are now in open beta.
We're inviting the ODK community to experiment with us during this time.
Our work is based on ODK and CouchDB.

The Group Inform app expands upon the great data collection features
found in ODK Collect. It is backwards compatible with ODK Aggregate.
Features include:

  • Management of mobile devices involved in data collection (account
    owners only)

  • Build and edit XForms on the fly using the built-in form editor (we're
    working to make Group Inform truly mobile, from form creation to data
    entry, export and visualization)

  • Share forms and data with other team members using shared folders (we
    call this Simple Sharing) -- this means that mobile workers are no
    longer islands to themselves and can benefit from collaborative data

  • Work with forms and data offline; changes to forms & data in
    "synchronized folders" are automatically replicated back to master
    copies (this is the beauty of CouchDB at work)

We are currently supporting Android 2.2 with added support for 2.1 and
2.3 coming in the next few weeks.

Like any early preview, Group Complete has some rough edges. We'll be
hard at work over the next couple of months to make Group Complete a
fantastic mobile data collection solution and your participation in our
beta will be a huge piece of that.

More about Group Complete at http://groupcomplete.com and



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