Announcing SurveyCTO: a hosted, supported platform based on ODK

Dear ODK users and evaluators,

I would like to announce the public availability of SurveyCTO, a
commercially-hosted, supported survey platform based on ODK. You can learn
all about the product and sign up for a 30-day free trial at

SurveyCTO was built to make secure, high-quality electronic data-collection
as simple as possible. It began piloting in September of last year, and it
is now in-use in over a dozen household surveys. Key features include:

  • Securely hosted server environment with databases mirrored 24x7 across
    multiple U.S. data centers, with backups restorable to any point in the
    last month.

  • Extensive online help with lots of sample forms.

  • On-device automatic backups to protect against SD card failures.

  • Ability to automatically collect data about survey administration,
    including "random audio audits," where parts of surveys are secretly
    recorded for quality-control purposes.

  • Simple wizards for building constraint and relevance expressions, and for
    testing constraints.

  • Automatic output of Stata templates that label and merge data, with
    support for applying corrections to collected data.

  • Automatic output of mail-merge templates and execution of mail merges on
    data export, so that nicely-formatted Word versions of the data can be
    reviewed for quality-control purposes.

  • Streamlined client software for two-click download, export, and
    processing of new data, complete with support for configurations that
    require decryption of data on cold-room computers.

  • Integrated XLSForm support so that you can upload Excel-based form
    definitions directly onto the server.

You can find a more complete list of features at There,
you can also take a brief tour of the product and sign up for a 30-day free
trial. If you give the product a try, you will see how we took the best of
the ODK platform, simplified and streamlined the user experience, and
extended the feature-set to support greater security and quality-control.

Please feel free to contact me at We are very open
to suggestions from the ODK community, and we are continually improving the



Hello Christopher, i love the way Surveycto makes life easy for those on fields filling forms. However. I have an issue with hoe the forms are displayed back-end. The resulting excel format is not well formatted and usually, those making use of the information need to reformat the excel completely.

Is there a way to make the uploaded surveys to be in tabular form when downloading from server at the back-end office?

Thanks for reading. Am a new user to this platform.