Announcing the ODK Summit (Jun 9-11, London): Nominations due Feb 22!

We're thrilled to announce that the 2023 ODK Summit will be on June 9-11 in London, England!

The Summit brings together experienced users of ODK to share practical experience, inspiration, and challenges, so that we can shape the future of the project, particularly by broadening community participation. The Core Team and the Technical Advisory Board will be joined by other ODK champions and contributors.

The Summit will be in-person only, and to make it easier to attend, all visa, flight, hotel, and food costs will be paid for. Sessions will take place in English and we'll aim to provide supporting materials where possible to help those who are not as comfortable in English.

Participants can expect:

  • Talks on creative and impactful use of ODK functionality (e.g., entities)
  • Reflections on strengths and weaknesses of the project
  • Co-creation of useful learning and outreach materials
  • Unstructured time for networking and informal conversations
  • Sunday unconference sessions created by participants

Because our focus is on broadening participation, we're asking for participant nominations, including self-nominations. Has your organization been using ODK at large scale or in an innovative way? Do you know someone who takes the time to share their ODK knowledge with others? Have you been recommending ODK use in your region or industry? If so, we're hoping you and/or your colleague can attend!

Ideal nominees satisfy most of these criteria:

  • Have used ODK for more than a year
  • Are advocates for ODK in their communities
  • Are eager to share their ODK learnings, best practices, and feedback
  • Want to deepen their involvement in the ODK community

Feel free to nominate multiple individuals, and again, self-nominations are encouraged!

Nominations are due by Wednesday, February 22nd. Apply here.

Nomination decisions were made on Monday, March 6th, and all nominees have been notified. If you have not received a response to your nomination, please email