Answer Validation

Hello all, I have a list of clients and their contact details. currently, there is no option for a client to update his details after submission. so I'm creating another survey where they select their name and then update their details.
since this link will be open for all clients, I will assign a unique id for each and share the UID with them.
what I want to do is validate their uid with their name.
example: A=1, B=2, C=3
When a client selects his name, he will be prompt with another question asking him to enter his UID. if the UID matches 1 then he will continue with the survey if not he wont be able to.

I will be uploading an xlsform to kobo and the survey will be by enekto

is there a way to validate the answers against another list?

thank you

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You could use something like what is shown in this tweet:
(it links to the documentation on form datasets)
But instead of showing the retrieved data to the person filling out the form, using the data retrieved inside of a relevant formula to either show them the rest of the survey or end the survey.