Anyone tried Collect in Android Studio 3?

Hi All:
Has anyone tried building Collect using Android Studio 3? My Android Studio 2 is nagging me to upgrade, but my experience (and some developer comments elsewhere) would lead me to expect problems with dependencies, Gradle, and probably some deprecated functionality.
Since AS upgrades aren't reverse-able, I'm reluctant (or more accurately, terrified!) of doing this if no-one else has tried it and can help me iron out any issues. I'm only a very part-time Android/Java developer, and I usually find build problems in AS very baffling.

With the current code, you can upgrade to AS3. You will need to click through a few wizards to make modifications but @jknightco and others have reported that it works.

The plan is to switch the code to gradle 4.3.1 and AS3 some time this week, probably tomorrow. The announcement was made on the developer Slack here and probably should have been on the form, too -- thanks for bringing it up. If you're not yet on the Slack, you can join at

@Blitheringeejit AS3 support is now in master (and required). Upgrade now and let us know if you into any problems!

I installed AS3 and also use Collect App. It's working in a smoth manner.



All - thankyou for your feedback. As I mentioned before, I'm only a very part-time Android developer (I do the heavy lifting serverside) so I don't update my Collect fork from the master very often, maybe once per year. So apologies but I won't be testing it myself for a while - but when I do I'll make sure I fork the latest master so it will work in AS3.

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