AppEngine Application Problem

A problem has occurred that prevents your App Engine application from responding. Your application may have exceeded its per-minute or daily usage quotas.

Please visit Google Cloud Platform - App Engine Dashboard and select your application id from the top-right drop-down. The Billing Status section for your application id is displayed beneath the Summary and Instances sections.

Verify that you have not exceeded your free quota or daily spending limit (if you have set up billing) and that you have also not exceeded your per-minute usage limits.

If your application's usage limits have not been exceeded, then go to Google Cloud Platform - Overview Dashboard and confirm that there are no Google infrastructure issues (these will appear in the Google Cloud status box in the top-right of this page.

If neither of those indicate any problems, then your application's Logs may identify an issue. See ODK Aggregate Troubleshooting for what to look for.

Dear @ankaj_sharma,

An AppEngine application can consume resources up to a certain quota, it
looks like you have reached your quota. Are you on the free tier or paid

You have to wait for 24 hours for your quota to reset, or add a credit card
and enable billing for your account.

The below link can be useful for your AppEngine deployment planning:

Best and Regards


Hi Everyone, it looks like Google Cloud Platform is experiencing some troubles (See Yesterday (29th June) and today i've been getting the same error, denying the acces to Aggregate.

Technically there is no more trouble but it looks like there is a problem.

In the ODK Aggregate Troubleshoot section of document, (see
Appears the option to "invite a developer" to take a look.

Could someone take a look on this as developer?

It'will b much appreciated:

Thanks in advance.


@NeriMartinez and @Ankaj_Sharma Are you still having problems?

Hi Yaw,

During this weekend fieldwork, Google Cloud keeps working fine ( or at least without troubles in my instance) i've just had one access problem at saturday night (around 23:00 hrs) but after that it worked normal.

I' will be pending on this. If i notice anything unusual, i'll keep you posted.



Hi just to let you know,
Google Cloud Platform is experiencing some troubles since 22:00 hrs CentralTime.
AppEngine Application Problem is happening now.

I'll keep you posted.


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