Applying functions in the choice-filter column

Dear ODK Community,

I have a form where we are collecting names and gender information for households. These information is collected in a repeat group which is determined by the size of the household (A question that is asked right before the repeat group). Entries are then added/populate on the choices sheet which is to be used in the follow-up question outside the repeat group.
We have 2 questions outside of the repeat group where we ask the respondents to select a) the primary female decision-maker in the household and b) the primary male decision-maker in the household. The choices are supposed to be the names entered from the above repeat group which was populated on the choices list.

I have been trying to work on a function to use in the choice_filter column so that only male household members appear on the question that asks for the primary male decision-maker and only female household members appear on the question that asks for the primary female decision-maker. Any ideas on how to achieve this will be highly appreciated.


Hi @bcheye
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could you attach a small version of your form (might be even with fake data) to help us understand and fix the problem?


Attached, please find the sample xlsform that can be used to replicate the above issue. The function is in the choice_filter column on row 74 and 75.
choice_filter_issue (3).xlsx (106.7 KB)