Assigning a dynamic default value to a text-type question

I want to assign a default value for text-type question . Is that possible? . Like if I select one from the select_one question type then it must come as default value to the text type question . I have tried using ${},but that does not work . I have read the same question in Assigning a "dynamic" default value to a text-type question but the question was asked long back and i want to know if there is any update regarding it .

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You can print the value of a select_one in the label or hint of the following question by using the parens syntax (${my_select_one_var}).

You cannot store that value as a default response because the default column only allows static values (e.g., 5 is allowed, but ${my_number} is not).

What high-level problem are you trying to solve? Why do you need this ability?

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Take a case . I am selecting one option from a list of options for example I have a select_one type of question , Which fruit you like the most? and i have given a list of options like Mango , Banana , Pineapple . He selects one option from it , and i want to display it as read-only text field in the next page . So can it be possible .

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if you gone to store the text to read_only textbox you don't have to use textbox
you can use "note".

because you wouldn't any interaction from the user.

and "note" accept the formula of ${ }

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This is a little trickier than it looks. If you just do ${my_select} you will only get the name/value. If you want to get the label of the select, you have to use jr:choice-name. And if you use jr:choice-name, you need to check to make sure the string isn't empty.

It'll end up looking like this...




fruit.xlsx (10.5 KB)



Can we use this for select_multiple as well?


You can, @Aline_Kullu! Give it a try and if you have any questions please post a new topic.

Yes @Aline_Kullu . But checking for string not empty might be difficult as you have to write more number of checks . Any queries please post as a new topic , it might be helpful for the community .

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i am getting total of 3 text type questions and then i wanted to insert that sum in to my database. How is it possible? as i already display the sum into choices of another select_one question. but it is not inserting value by writing ${sum} into name column of choices sheet, but displaying the value as a choice in select_one by writing ${sum} into label column of choices sheet.