Attempt to invoke getLocale() on null reference

Hi every one,
there is a problem coming in ODK collect, it gives a error " attempt to invoke virtual method'java.lang.string. when i try to view my sent forms specially, it occurs.

Hi @Waqarahmadcro!

  1. What specific version of Collect are you using?
  2. Does this happen with all forms or just this one? On all devices or just this one?
  3. What have you tried to fix the problem?

Thanks for prompt reply.

  1. Odk vollect Version is 1.15.1

  2. It is happening with different forms

  3. I tried to use simple form to test and it gives this error even


Could you attach any of those affected forms? Did you try forms from the demo server?

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Got it, thanks a lot, you provided very helpful information. I reproduced the issue and I'm working on a fix.


Thanks, hopefully it will be fixed. Please inform when it is fixed

Thanks for the quick fix, @Grzesiek2010! @Waqarahmadcro v1.16.1 has the fix and is currently rolling out.

Thank you so much. the issue is resolved in new update.

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