Attendance sheet and organizing data per individual (or according to unique ID tags)

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working with ODK Collect and Google Drive as my local server for collecting and organizing the data. I am collecting data on ~30 trainees completing a work readiness program, and I'd appreciate your advice on:

  1. What is the best way to collect attendance for 30 people throughout the year using ODK Collect?
  2. So far I've created a 'Trainee_Database' form for gathering basic info on each trainee. I'd like this to be linked to the attendance sheet. Is it possible to aggregate data per user using ODK Collect + Google Drive spreadsheets? Ideally I'd like to have the 'Trainee_Database' as an overview all of trainees in the program, and then click on a single trainee to see their attendance over time, their progress in work readiness skills over time, etc.

Lastly, I'm considering learning how to use Enketo in order to make the forms & data more visually appealing. Any advice on the compatibility of Enketo for attendance sheets, and what I'm trying to do?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi again everyone,

Is anyone able to help me with these questions? I'm afraid that no reply so far may mean that attendance tracking (or data disaggregated by individual) may not be possible... Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much,

Hey Allison! I'm also hoping to do something similar. I'm going to start a thread, but I'll keep you posted. I'm essentially trying to develop one survey that has one question to select the training module and then one question per individual (presented on the same screen) asking if they are present or not. The individuals uuid will be the columns in the data set but in Stata you can transpose the data so that you have a running list of modules they've attended to integrate into any baseline/endline data that you do using the uuids.

Check something like this helps you.
It is quite simple to connect with google worksheet (edit the shared file link in submission URL in settings sheet)
training_attendance.xlsx (12.8 KB)