Audit log gives numbers instead of datetime

hi @yanokwa, can you help me with this audit log, my audit log file give me numbers for the start and end instead of date.
below is my audit log file.

i used ODK collect v1.14.0 and ODK Briefcase v1.10.0

thank you.

@Fabla This is because of how you are importing. You can confirm by looking at the CSV with a good text editor (e.g.,

I don't know what version of Excel you are using, but you'll need to go to File, Import, then specify the columns as Text instead of General.

Please take a look at the audit timestamp section at


Thanks @LN, you are right (and I am wrong)! The import is fine, but it's a UNIX timestamp so it shows up as a big number.

Hi Yaw, I have opened it using notepad ++ and imported it using excel 2010 and 2013 and the results are still the same.

Time is stored as a unix timestamp which is milliseconds elapsed since Jan 1, 1970. This makes it really easy to calculate how long a question took to answer -- you add a column that computes end - start.

If you do want to see a human-friendly date/time, see the link I posted above. has improved docs. Thanks for writing this up, @LN!