Auto calculating fields without any data

Hi All,

I am working in a from where i have to calculate total population based on input given for each field. Am having options like example SC:120
ST: (here if may enter data or not based on the availability)
OC: 100
Others: 20
but if calculate total like ${sc}+$st}+${obc}+${others} will it auto -calculate total without entering input in ST field

Thanks in Advance

Unanswered number questions are treated as Not a Number (NaN). The empty value will not be converted to zero. The result of a calculation including NaN will also be NaN. See the docs on empty values.

  • You could have a default value of 0 and require the questions so that the user is forced to answer.
  • You could also have a calculate for each potentially empty value and use those in your total calculation. See below:
|   type    |  name   |  label  |       calculation       |
| integer   | sc      | sc      | number                  |
| integer   | st      | st      | number                  |
| calculate | sc_calc | sc_calc | if(${sc}="", 0, ${sc})  |
| calculate | st_calc | st_calc | if(${st}="", 0, ${st})  |
| calculate | total   | total   | ${sc_calc} + ${st_calc} |

Does this help?

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Ok.Thank you.
I will check and give further update