Auto-fill few questions of every new form, based on previous answers


So I have this survey where the field worker is supposed to enter his info in first 8 questions of the form, and then move forward to starting the main survey. I am looking for a way by which they do not have to re-enter the same repeated data again and again, on starting each form. While other options are being considered for a solution, I need to know if it is possible that ODK collect could handle this in something similar to following:

  • Fill the data for first 8 questions
  • Make a QR code of those answers.
  • On starting filling the next form, the QR Code could be scanned and it could pre-fill the first 8 questions
  • And the guy starts onwards from question 9 and so on.

Any solution to this? I know that Collect can create QR Code for the settings of the app. Can it be done for the data as well?


A few months ago we added an option to remember values from the last saved form

Unfortunately it's not possible to do that easily in xls form (yet) but you can edit your xml file and add required changes manually.
Here is a sample form:
testForm.xml (1.3 KB)

You need to add:
<instance id="last-saved" src="jr://instance/last-saved"/> (in my file it's line 24)

and a special line for each question you want to be remembered like I did in line 27:
<setvalue event="odk-instance-first-load" ref="/data/text1" value="instance('last-saved')/data/text1" type="string"/>

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The last-saved feature sounds like it would suit your needs. It is now available in XLSForm. Please see the documentation.