Auto update of ODK collect app and storage migrated and existing data unavailable

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Our field staffs have been using the older version of ODK collect and doing data collection since long time (there are many submitted, saved forms) hence we haven't done the collect storage migration, but there was an auto update for the ODK collect app to v1.30.1 from android. When we open the collect app, there was a message "storage migrated successfully" and the app doesn't show any of the previously stored data including saved forms (these are yet to be submitted to ODK Aggregate) , kindly help on this to avoid losing our subjects data.

Hi @Karthik_Cs

our first step was asking users to perform the migration, then in 1.29 we introduced automatic migration (because we can't wait).
If you saw "storage migrated successfully" I'm pretty sure your files were migrated properly to scoped storage.
Didn't you for example uninstall the app after seeing that message? Thinking that maybe you can install the older version again and get back to the previous state?

I'm not sure, I could think in this way now there might a chance that our staff would have done that accidentally.
Please guide me if there is a possibility to recover saved/finalized forms which were present on the tablet.

Thanks for your help!

The thing is that after migrating to scoped storage if you uninstall the app all the data is lost (that's the way Android works it wasn't our choice). So if they did it they removed all the data.
Then you can only try recovery tools but I'm not sure if it helps.