Autoadvance/quick on selection of 'no'

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Using a field-list, i finish a repeat group with a series of yes/no questions.
i would like to autoadvance/quick to the next page when 'no' gets selected the first time - otherwise the page keeps running the yes/no questions (with questions appearing when 'yes' is selected).
i am running this as separate groups within a larger repeat - i know i can have it as a repeat group within the repeat group but, i think, the same issue will occur. ie: manual swiping to the next page.

I guess this means: i want to know whether 'appearance' can be conditional/dynamic?

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xlsform uploading to Google Drive

3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?
use my finger to swipe to the next page :slight_smile:. But, i'm lazy!

4. What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?

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See attached generic file for referenceBook1.xlsx (17.1 KB)

Currently ODK does not support this type of complex auto advance logic. But you can request a feature here explaining more details.

Thanks for the quick response Arif_Azad_Khan.
i assumed that was the case (had done a fair bit of reading), just hoping someone had a trick up their sleeve (this community is a wonderful world of workarounds).
i will file it in features - hopefully there are enough scenarios where users will find it useful

You could do something complex where each question has 3 choices (yes, no, NA) but the choice list is filtered so that NA is hidden, unless "no" has been selected in a previous question, in which case both "yes" and "no" will be hidden and "NA" selected by default for all subsequent questions. The last question could possibly be set to quick skip to the next screen but Im not sure if the "quick" change to the next screen is triggered when a question is responded too with a default answer and dont have time to test that. Either way it would prevent the enumerator from having to answer a list of unnecessary questions and worse case scenario they just have to swipe once to get to the next screen.

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Thanks Noel, I gave it a try. Not sure I understood everything you suggested but I was able to hide a NA until no was selected.
It still required that to be selected before the quick advanced the page.
One extra click is the same as a swipe or arrow forward, so unfortunately I couldn't get a solution.
But, thanks anyway - I learnt a new trick that will surely be a benefit somewhere.