Automated logic testing of long ODK forms

Hi I am not sure if this exists or even if it should exist. We have a lot of forms that are getting long, with hundreds of questions per form and a lot of skip logic. If it makes a difference all the forms were created in XLSForms and most are on SurveyCTO. We'd be hapy to work with Xforms if necessary.

A few people in my org have asked if there was a way to automate testing at least the skip logic of the forms. I've come across this from OpenHDS but it seems specific to their product and I would rather avoid rolling a solution of there is a method that people already use. Do people have experience automating logic testing on large forms?


Craig Savel
Population Council

Some way to test the correctness of a form is a problem I've wanted to solve for a long time, but I don't think it exists. Would you be interested in helping to build a solution?