Automatic Assignment

If I choose the range from 10,001 to 50,000, "Middle" should automatically be assigned to the Economic Class. Is this possible to implement Screenshot_1

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You can use a variable with a calculation, based on:

  • an additional lookup field/column in the choice
  • a cascading if clause, mapping the selectName to your classification value

The resulting (calculated) variable could be e.g. if type string or select_one and read_only.


Hi @Santosh_Bastola

I am attaching the Form that we used to create demo video for new Web Forms.

It is a multilingual Form, that's why you see jr:itext in the calculation column. If your Form doesn't have multiple languages then your calculation would be simpler: instance('seclass')/root/item[name = ${householdIncome}]/label.

ses2018.xlsx (34.6 KB)

Maybe, another option (future development) might be to allow the ::language feature for own XLSForm columns, e.g. a look-up column in the choices sheet.

A workaround (without having to deal with itext) might perhaps be to have a two step solution: first mapping to a look-up name which then can be used to get a corresponding ::language "label".