Automatically generate commas in value fields for every 1000

Automatically generate commas in value fields for every 1000 when enumerators enter price data.

E.g. for currencies where many zeros are used, such as the Sierra Leone.

I would appreciate that feature a lot as well. We work often in countries with currencies with a lot of zeros (Uganda, Vietnam), which makes it easy for enumerators to make mistakes - mistakes that can be several orders of magnitude.

I'd like to add that we would like the feature to be as follows:

  • Display thousand separators in ODK collect, while enumerators type (so don't actually store them)
  • If possible, but not necessary: use the system-specified thousand separator (so comma or period depending on the language used on the phone or tablet)
  • Perhaps users can specify this option in the appearance column when creating an XLSForm.

A paid survey software based on ODK that our company used to use had this feature, so it should be possible, but I have no idea how easy it is to implement.


This describes exactly what we need :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for filing this, @Frances and thanks for the additional detail, @Lieke!

We should be able to add this soon. I've filed the issue at and when one of our contributors have a moment, they'll add it!


great! please keep me updated!

@srv-twry has built this! Thanks, @srv-twry. :blush:

We do need to get some consensus on an appearance name before it can ship. I've posted a proposal at Spec addition proposal: appearance for thousands separators in numeric fields. Please comment if interested!


The thousands-sep appearance is available in Collect v1.12+ for integer, decimal and string number types. It introduces locale-appropriate thousands separators while a value is being entered and in the hierarchy view (jump menu). Locales that would normally use periods as thousands separators use spaces because the decimal separator is always a period (due to an Android limitation). Thanks to everyone who helped make this feature come to life!


Thank you everyone who made this possible!


Hi every one;

Do we have thousands-sep in odk 2 for integer type or not?

I'm very grateful for thousand separator. It is a huge help for accuracy in data!

Now, is it possible to display thousand separators for calculate as well?

In my case, we ask questions of consumption in a country where there are lots of zeros in the currency.

The questions are:
"How many kg of rice did you consume the past week?"
"What is the price per kg?"

I then make a calculation and the next screen shows the question:
"So you spent ${calc101} on rice last week?"
In order to have the interviewee confirm that the number sound right. The issue is that the number shown is 100000 instead of 100,000 which defeats the purpose of the question a bit as it is hard for the surveyor to read.

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hi @lineellen,

Were you able to workaround this? I also need to display a comma-separated number on a confirmation page...


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