Automatically Save Name of Form with filed Values

Dear ODK Support,

I wanted to save Form Name with filed values automatically like this (Phase/Sector/Plot_No).

I am uisng ODK Build v0.3.5
XML is attached.
Screenshot is also attached.

Save Form Name.xml (2.1 KB)

Hi @tasadduq786

your question is a bit unclear (at least to me) could you elaborate? Do you just want to pass the original form name in your case DVRS as an answer for a text question?

Thanks Grzesiek2010,

When i complete my survey using ODK collect,form name fill from my provide Phase,Sector and plot_no values.
I attached screenshot where you can easily understand.


DHA.xlsx (36.6 KB)
Check it
If need help you tell me

Thanks Azam Iqbal,
I am using ODK Build v0.35,i need it in xml formate not xlsx.


I have no experience of using Xlsx.

check it

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Thanks azam Iqbal,
I perform it.
Can you tell me instance Name is coming read only (Form Name not change),i can edit it.

Hi @tasadduq786,

I think there is no way to disable that, you data collectors have to be careful with that.