Automatically takes the coordinates

good morning, thanks to whoever replies. how can I set up a recurring module that automatically takes the coordinates for each species inserted?
I tried like this:

CFT_CFV (24).xlsx (131.8 KB)

but the coordinates are not taken for each datum, only for the first one

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It's not clear from the attached data file what you are trying to do. Maybe you can attach the XLSForm file for the survey definition? There are several configurations of location widgets for recording coordinates. You might also be interested in location tracking in the audit log.

Please note that connections directly from Collect to Google Drive/Sheets will no longer be supported later this year. More details in this post:

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thanks a lot for your reply. I changed my profile picture and soon I introduce myself on the forum. I am attaching a new file trying to explain myself better. my goal is to collect georeferenced data of plants without having to manually take the position each time. at each entry of species I would like the field x and y. I partially solved the problem with audit but it doesn't satisfy me because it creates a separate csv file. With start-geopoint I don't get all coordinates for each species record

Using "capture-accuracy" parameter for the geopoint question inside your species repeat group will automatically create the point as soon as the chosen accuracy will be reached.
It will still need a user action but it's fast if you set an accuracy easy to reach for your device.

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