Ayuda con formulacion ODK


Estoy queriendo hacer un formulario pero al terminarlo me doy cuenta que cada vez que hago una repeticion, en la salida del formulario en Excel los datos se generan en una segunda pestaña. Hay alguna forma que los datos de la repeticion esten en la misma pestaña que los datos que esten fuera de la repeticion y que los datos de cada repeticion se muestre por fila individual?

Muchas gracias de ante mano

Hi @Dorian_Figueroa, welcome to the ODK forum. We're glad you're here! Thank you for adding a profile image, as it helps build community. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself on this forum thread.

You can scroll down to the green "Tip" box in the documentation on repeating questions for more information.

Using repetition in a form is very powerful but can also make training and data analysis more time-consuming. Repeats exported from Central or Briefcase will be in their own files and will need to be joined with their parent records for analysis.

Before adding repeats to your form, consider other options:

  • if the number of repetitions is small and known ahead of time, consider "unrolling" the repeat by copying the same questions several times.
  • if the number of repetitions is large and includes many questions, consider building a separate form that enumerators fill out multiple times and link the forms with some parent key (e.g., a household ID).

If repeats are needed, consider adding some summary calculations at the end so that analysis will not require joining the repeats with their parent records. For example, if you are gathering household information and would like to compute the total number of households visited across all enumerators, add a calculation after the repeats that counts the repetitions in each submission.

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