Barcode Prints Result

I am successfully scanning QRCodes, but I would like the result not to be printed on the screen.

Is there a way to do that?

I am using ODK Collect v1.15.1 with a Blu Tank Android.

I have tried fiddling a little by putting "hidden" in appearance.

Thank you.


Hi @lbiggie

such an appearance and generally such an option doesn't exist. Please create another topic in and describe why you need that. Then if it's reasonable we can implement required changes in Collect.

Bit of an aside, but probably the closest you'll find to what you want to accomplish is the XForms secret control, which is basically a text control that redacts what you type in (eg for entering a password), but which isn't support by ODK Collect AFAIK. I'd probably even say that this feature could, arguably, make more sense implement via a 'secret' appearance on a regular text type control (as opposed to defining an entirely new control type primitive, which is effectively how the original XForms standard went about it). And this would lend itself to also being a valid appearance for, say, your barcode control [which is essentially just a different mechanism for inputting a text string. sic].

Which is all to say, a new feature of supporting a 'secret' appearance, to redact the input, and which can apply to text input, barcodes, ... (others?) may get some traction.

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