Behind the Repos (Episode 02)

Hello ODK Team,

Welcome to the second Behind the Repos, the ODK developers’ newsletter!

We were recently accepted to Google Summer of Code which means we’ve
had many wonderful new contributors coming into Briefcase and Collect.
If all of this youthful energy has you pumped, it’s not too late to
sign up to be a mentor or backup mentor! Please contact me if you’re
interested. Please also share our organization page with interested
Project proposals will be accepted March 20th - April 3rd.

From now on, we will be shipping new releases of Collect on the last
Sunday of each month and we will freeze code contributions on the
preceding Wednesday. Other tools will get updates as they are ready.
We hope this regular schedule will help us all plan ahead and ensure
higher-quality code.

Speaking of new releases, the March 26th Collect release will drop
support for devices running Android versions less than 4.1 (Jelly
Bean). This will allow for big improvements in the near future!

This month

  • Use newer libraries in Collect, Briefcase and Validate
  • Focus on bug fixes in Collect and Briefcase

Next month

  • Start organizing popular issues from GitHub into a project roadmap
  • Review Google Summer of Code proposals

Feedback needed

Looking for a quick way to contribute? Try the latest Collect code
before March 26th with your most complicated forms and your oldest
(Jelly Bean+) phones. File any issues you come across so we can fix
them before the next release!

See you next month,


PS: Looking for a little Tuesday inspiration? Check out artist Ken
Butler’s amazing instruments made from trash: