Behind the Repos (Episode 04)


Please join me in congratulating Shobhit Agarwal (@shobhitagarwal1612)
who will be our first ever Google Summer of Code student! Shobhit will
be spending the summer with us working on refreshing the Collect user
experience. Many of you already know him from his significant
contributions over the past few months.

Shobhit is from Kanpur, India and is currently a 4th year
undergraduate student in Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College,
Ghaziabad, India. He loves coding for fun and has been developing for
Android for 3 years.

Thank you to all the amazing students who wrote great GSoC proposals
and made important contributions over the past few months. You have
all become important parts of the ODK community!

This month's releases

This month's work

  • Refine UI/UX proposal for Collect and start migration to modern UI libraries.

Next month's work

  • Start design work around compression of forms/submissions
  • Start design work around pushing form updates to devices
  • Improve getting started infrastructure (test forms, demo servers, etc)
  • Improve command line mode of ODK Briefcase
  • Ship update of ODK Validate
  • Java checkstyle improvements across tools

Feedback needed

Quick way to contribute

Thanks and go team ODK!

P.S. Looking for a new webcomic to follow? Shivam suggests Geek & Poke